Portable Apps Menu - Frontend for your portable medium

Create an Autorun Menu for your portable medium such as USB Stick, CD, DVD

What are portable media devices?
As the name suggests portable media devices are used to store data. They are not connected to a particular computer and can be transported from location to location to be used on other computers. Portable media devices include floppy discs, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks (USB Flash Drives) and 3D memory cards (SD memory card, which stands for Secure Digital memory card).
What is portable software (portable apps)?
Portable software can be started directly from a portable media without having to be installed. The software saves your setting locally on the same data media device. Normally, the software needs neither to be released nor activated. When this is not the case, the release and activation details are saved on the local data medium device instead.
Presentation software for portable media devices and what needs to be taken into account?
It is absolutely essential to make sure that the viewer, reader and player software on the portable media is special portable format. For instance this is the case for PowerPoint 2003 (but unfortunately not for PowerPoint 2007)
Presentation software for your portable medium device
On this page, we present three different portable software programs that can be used for presentations on your data medium devices. All of these programs are 100% portable and will run on all 32 and 64-Bit Windows operating systems.

CD Menu Creator: CDMenuPro
CDMenuPro has been designed to let you create your very own autorun front end menu applications (CD Menu) for all portable media. Menu buttons can be used to start programs (exe, bat) or documents in a viewer, reader or player. (txt, rtf, htm, pps, pdf,...). Internal viewers are also available for viewing Rtf, Txt, Html, Avi and image files. (Glossar: CD Menu, CD Front End
Multimedia Presentation Creator: IntroCreator
IntroCreator makes it incredibly easy to create a autorun multimedia presentation of your products, company or business activities from sound, image and text elements.
Slide Show Creator: PicturePlayer
PicturePlayer has been specially designed to enable you to create photo or image presentations for use on CD or DVD and comes with sound support, individual images set to music and a comments feature. Use it to create photo slide shows, catalogs, brochures, e-books and product and business presentations.

You want to solve the following:
  • How do you get the interest of users after they have inserted the CD, DVD or USB?
  • How can you quickly show the user the contents and what is available?
  • How can you get this important information to be displayed as soon as the data-carrier is inserted?
  • How can you structure the CD so that the user does not have to search for information?
The fatal mistakes you should not make.
  • Leave your users unsure about what to do or what to expect after they have inserted the CD, USB, etc.
  • Make your users search for documents themselves
  • Lose the interest of your CD, DVD and USB users
The solution: CDMenuPro
Simply create an autorun user interface for your CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive using and all of the problems listed above are solved.
(Glossar: Autorun | Autorun CD Menu)
Create any corporate design
Your company's or product's design and branding can be used for the CD menu application.
Isn't it time you started using the right CD Menu Creator Software
CDMenuPro is being used across the world by thousands of users and has won a large number of awards.
See Video Demo
The following video tutorials in .swf Flash format have been created to show you how easy CDMenuPro is to use and how you can achieve professional results quickly.  » Video
More Info
Detailed information is available at the CDMenuPro website:
  » CDMenuPro Website
Download the free trial version of the CDMenuPro software:
 » CDMenuPro Download
Price and ordering info, click here:
  » CDMenuPro Shop
Detailed list of the software features available on this page:
  » Features
Screen Shots
Screen Shot gallery of CDMenuPro templates,
click here:
  » Screen Shot Gallery

Start today and create your first self-made Autorun CD Menu
Download your free 30-day trial version and create your first Autorun CD Menu project.  » Download
CDMenuPro: Autorun CD Menu Creator Software for all 32- and 64-Bit Window systemes
You will find more details about the CDMenuPro software bundles here: CDMenuPro Software Bundles


CDMenuPro - Autorun Menu Creator
  • for all Window systems
  • ease of use by project assistants
  • no programming knowledge required
  • quick results by use of templates
  • any corporate design can be realized
  • extensive add-on software
  • detailed documentation
  • Training Cards

User interface for removable media
  • for CD
  • for CD Businesscards
  • for DVD
  • for USB Stick
  • CD Menu for presentation
  • CD Menu for Company presentation
  • CD Menu for Product presentation
  • CD Menu for Product catalog
  • Electronic CD brochure
  • CD documentation
  • Slideshow CD
  • A CD program archive
  • CD Business Card
  • Autorun CD Menus
  • Job applications
  • Dissertations
  • CD Autorun Applications
  • CD ROM Presentation
  • DVD Autorun Applications
  • Vista: USB Flash Drive Autorun Applications
  • Autorun Pdf files
  • Autorun Html files
  • Autorun Power Point


Autostart, autorun and autoplay are all terms used to describe the same function, namely the automatic starting of a program as soon as a CD or other data-carrying device is inserted into a Windows computer. This function is often used for multi-media presentations. If the CD or DVD contains a number of documents or files, it makes a great deal of sense to start a CD Menu first so that users can easily navigate. Users can then select the file they want to see using the buttons on the user interface.
see: CD Menu
CD Menu is the name give to programs that self-start when a CD is inserted into the computer drive. Documents, presentations, files and programs can be linked to buttons contained in the user interface that appears when a CD is started. The term "CD Menu" dates back to the days when CDs were the only data-carrying mediums. Today "CD Menus" can be created for all data-carrying devices such as DVD and USB sticks.
Portable Document Format. A platform-independent file format for creating, presenting and printing text and graphic documents.
USB flash drive is the correct name for a USB stick. A USB stick is a portable data-carrier device located in a compact case. The data is saved on the flash memory electronically.
The term multimedia presentation is used to describe the content and works created from the following digital media formats: Text, photographic images, graphics, animations, audio and video.

Presentation is used to describe the act of presenting information in a public setting - exhibition, speech, lecture, report, explanation or promotion. In the world of computing most multimedia presentations are computer presentations on a monitor, or projector-based presentations (beamer).

Multimedia presentations are often used for promoting companies, products or projects and are copied and distributed on CD ROM or DVD ROM.
CD ROM is the abbreviation for Compact Disc Read Only Memory. A CD-ROM is used to permanently store data. After audio CDs, it is the next most common application of the compact disc.
A DVD is a digital form of storing data that looks very similar to a CD, but which can store substantially more data and can be used for more purposes. It belongs to the optical disk memory family.

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